why use fairway woods & hybrids?

A fairway wood has a large, wide head designed for longer shots, while irons have very narrow heads designed for mid- to short-shots and accuracy.
Between these two are the hybrid clubs, which have some of the best characteristics of each type of club. Depending on the manufacturer, hybrids tend to have a shorter shafts, making them easier to control, but they have some of the best weighting characteristics of the woods.

Ball Flight Patterns

The flight path of a golf ball is affected by 2 main factors, your swing path and the angle of your clubface as it hits the golf ball.

how to hit woods & Hybrids

Here’s how to achieve proper form and ball placement. 

Place the ball a little back from left heel and maintain a square stance.
Keep more weight on left side and place hands in front of the ball.
Align your body a little to the right of target.
Check your grip, relax, extend left arm, turn hip with good tempo swing.


common mistakes

Here’s one of the common mistake the amateurs make.

Many players struggle to hit their fairway woods solidly. They make the mistake of trying to “sweep” the ball off the ground, sometimes even trying to lift the ball with the club; this results in a thin or “skulled” shot. However, a well-hit fairway wood shot feels solid, and the loft of the club does all the work of getting the ball into the air. 

Ball Placement Per Club

Knowing where the ball should be placed can also help to prevent errors durring contact.

Beginners are often told to take just one particular stance for all type of golf club you are using, whether it is a driver or the wedge of your bag. It might let you think that there is no role of a golf club in your correct ball positioning. But the truth is, you must consider the type of golf club you are using for right golf ball position. If you are using a wedge club which is the shortest club in your bag, you need to place your ball at the center between your two heels. Thus, the longer golf club you would take, the golf ball should be positioned a little closer to your foot.