why use a wedge?

Research shows that around a quarter of all shots are played using a wedge so clearly they are a vital part of every golfer’s game. They can create birdies or save pars, but can also cause problems for golfers who struggle around the greens if they are not using the right type of wedge for the shot. It is essential that the wedges you carry add to your game and assist scoring.

Knowing and understanding your Iron’s lofts is critical when trying to figure out which wedges degree to use. A question you should ask yourself is what is the loft of  your last iron in your bag?  Is it a Pitching Wedge or Gap Wedge! This then determines what your wedge lofts should be moving forward. Your Pithching Wedge might be 43º or 45º degrees in loft, using a 4º or 5º degree loft matrix, you would select 48º/52º/56º degree wedge, or a 50º/54º/58º degree wedge. 

Ball Flight Patterns

The flight path of a golf ball is affected by 2 main factors, your swing path and the angle of your clubface as it hits the golf ball.

Different Types of Wedges

how to hit a wedge

The key for a successful drive is to keep having good balance.

Place the ball almost in line with left heel and maintain a partial closed stance.
Keep more weight on right foot and align one’s body a little to the right of the target. Check for snug left-hand grip while staying relaxed (inhale to relieve tensions).Swing with tempo rhythm and extend left arm firmly and turn hips.

common mistakes

Here’s one of the common mistake the amateurs make.

Simply put, a lot of golfers never learned the proper mechanics of hitting wedge shots. Poor contact is truly an epidemic, especially in this area of the game. However, golf is just like every other sport: once you know better, you do better. And once you do better, practicing it more and more is going to make you a stronger player.

Ball Placement Per Club

Knowing where the ball should be placed can also help to prevent errors durring contact.

Beginners are often told to take just one particular stance for all type of golf club you are using, whether it is a driver or the wedge of your bag. It might let you think that there is no role of a golf club in your correct ball positioning. But the truth is, you must consider the type of golf club you are using for right golf ball position. If you are using a wedge club which is the shortest club in your bag, you need to place your ball at the center between your two heels. Thus, the longer golf club you would take, the golf ball should be positioned a little closer to your foot.