knowing when to pitch & Chip

It is very easy to get pitching and chipping confused and many golfers think they are one in the same, which is false. Simply put the difference between a chip and a pitch is that the pitch shot flies farther than it rolls, and the chip shot rolls farther than it flies. There is more room for error with a pitch shot, so when you can chip you should. In this lesson we will go into more detail on the differences between the two and when to utilize them to your advantage. Below is a diagram of what a chip shots look like compared to pitch shots.


This is a specialty shot that gives the ball even more loft to stop your ball on a dime!

Address – At the address position, keep your hands slightly ahead of the ball. Keep your knees flexed, posture upright, and chin up. Your arms should hang naturally with your left arm and shaft forming a straight line. Your ball should be positioned of your left heel.

Takeaway – The one-piece takeaway is the hallmark of a sound pitching stroke. Your arms and shoulders move the club away in one piece, and your wrist do not break until the club in near the height of your waist

Top –  A full pitch shot is generally a 3/4 swing. Coil your shoulders and keep your right knee flexed as you transfer your weight to your back foot. Keep your head still.

Impact – Your weight shifts back to your left side as your hips rotate and upper body uncoils. The left side of your body clears out of the way, and the clubface approaches the ball squarely. Your hands should be slightly ahead of the ball. Notice the similarity to your address position.

Release – Open your shoulders slightly, but keep your head still as your weight shifts to your left side and the club is released through the ball and down the target line.

NOTE: Moving the ball slightly back in your stance can help. ensure that you strike the ball crisply with a descending blow, which is crucial for solid reliable contact. However placing the ball slightly forward from the center of your stance ensures a higher trajectory, which is desired for pitch shots.

how to chip

Chipping is a skill that requires as much touch as you can muster from your game. 

Setup – Make sure your ball is centered or slightly back in your stance. Keep your hands forward and your weight on your left side. Your hands should be held down on the grip for better control, and your knees should be bent more than usual.

Takeaway – Take your club back by gently rocking your shoulders. Keep your weight mainly on your left side. Your right hand hinges slightly to set your hands in position to lead the clubhead through the downswing.

Impact – Your hands lead the clubhead to impact position, which is similar to your setup. The ball is struck with a crisp decending blow before the club hits the turf.

Follow-Through –  Your lower body shifts slightly into the follow-through. Keep your left wrist firm through the shot, eleminating the tendancey to scoop the ball.