Importance Of Proper Grip & Swing

It is extreamly imporant to have the proper grip when swinging a golf club. You can’t swing a golf club effectivly without a proper golf grip. Your grip works harmoniusly with your swing to generate the most consistancy possible. Golf is all about consistancy. If you have an imroper grip this will effect different aspects of your swing. For example if your hand is placed incorrectly the club face will turn in the wrong direction durring contact of the ball in your swing. This lesson covers the proper grip and swing techniques. 

Evaluate your Current Grip

Your first step here is to think about your own grip and accept that it may not be perfect.

Take a minute to evaluate your current grip. Take hold of a club and see if it feels comfortable in your hands? How tight are you holding it where are your fingers?

All these questions are important as we embark on this lesson. By understanding where you are currently at is important for making the proper adjustments to your grip.

Proper Grip

It’s time to pick up your club and start perfecting your grip.

Always place your club in your weaker hand first (left hand for a right handed golfer). Turn your hand over so that you can see two knuckles of your left hand and then point the ‘V’ shape that your index finger and thumb have created towards your right shoulder.

Your left thumb should point down the right hand side of the shaft. Now take your right hand and grip the club, with your right thumb sitting on top of your left thumb. Make sure your right thumb sits on the left side of the club, facing downwards.

Proper Swing Mechanics

Incorprate your new grip into a smooth and calculated swing.

The three bottom fingers on your left hand must maintain firm and snug grip troughout the swing. Keep your right hand grip relaxed. Always extend left arm fully and keep firm throughout swing. Pull left knee inwards.

Turn hips with swing all times except for Sand, Pitch and Chip shots. Maintain balance of torso. Stand comfortably upright (don’t stoop) keep knees flexed. Do not stretch arms out to reach the ball. Let the club’s length determine your distance from the ball.