Welcome to Primus Golf Academy!


Whether you are a begginner or a Pro we  can help you acheive your goals.

Pro Tips

Here you can glean some pro tips that may help advance your skills of the game.


Getting to know your clubs can pay dividens in your game, come learn your clubs.

Want to learn the basics of golf?

To help you get started improving your game now, we have put together some basic mechanics of golf.

Instruction Tips Include:

  • Grip & Swing
  • The Drive
  • Fairway Woods
  • Long Range Irons
  • Sand Traps
  • Pitch Shots
  • Chip Shots
  • Hill Shot Lies
  • Putting


Weather Fairway Bunkers

& Roughs.

Count these as a nuisance or not, these are variables to consider and will have an effect on your game.

Some variables:

  • Crosswinds
  • Wet Grounds
  • High Grass
  • In The Rough
  • Fairway Bunkers

The Drive

  • Ball almost in line with left heel.
  • Hand position
  • Body alignment

Chipping & 

Putting Greens

  • Feet close together
  • No body movement
  • Keep blade square
  • Head directly over ball