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Try our clock swing Lesson!

This lesson focuses on the angle of your swing to produce the most efficent shot possible. This technique is designed to create repetition which allows you to be more consistant golfer. We brake down the different types of swings golfers use and show you the best angles of attack to produce an elite swing. 

Develop All Aspects Of Your Game

Learn the the best practices and tecnique for every club in your bag. We give comprehensive brakedows of every type of club. If your also looking to buy a set of clubs we offer insigt into different buying and utilizing the right clubs for your game. Our club guide includes the following:

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What Clubs Should You Use?

We brake down all the clubs available and why they might be a good option for you. We also give essential advise on how to maximize consistency and distance for each club type.

Learn the basics to take strokes off your game!

We go over the basics such as ball position, proper grip, and swinging tips to get you hitting your clubs more consistant. We also cover other aspects of your game as well. We will get you comfortable hitting out and around hazards. Putting can change your game utilize our putting drills and machanics to get those painful three puts  behind you.

Get your swing dialed in!

We use top of the line golf technology to analyze your swing. Take that information to the course and fine tune any issues within your swing. We also have a simulator with hundreads of courses to choose from. 


“I have been golfing for over 20 years and always had issues with my game. After using some of Primus Golfs lessons I started to see vast improvement to my game. I went from shooting in the high 90’s to the mid 80’s!”

John Cunningham

Golf Enthusiast

“At first golf was my husbands hobby, but he really wanted me to try it. After I went I loved it and wanted to learn more. That is when I went to Primus Golf to learn the basics. Now my husband struggles to keep up with me on the links.”

Ashley Martin

Beginner to the game of golf

“I have been a fan of golfing for quite some time. Over the years I have dumped money into lessons and golf gadgets to improve my swing. But the most sound advice I learned was found here on Primus Golf”

Chris Wilson

Amature Golfer

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